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How Much Does Landscaping Cost?

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If you are considering a landscaping project, you may be thinking about the cost of hiring a landscape designer. How much will that cost be and can you afford it? Different landscapers charge different prices, but there are some commonalities among all landscapers so that you can know the approximate price range you should expect to pay and find a qualified landscaper who can do your project within the budget you have to work with. Learn what goes into landscaping costs below.

Cost Per Square Foot

The average landscaping cost per square foot for basic and intermediate projects (including lawn care and planting flowers) is between $4-$12. If your project will involve more complexity and a more advanced skill set to complete it, such as remodeling, the average cost can be up to $40 per square foot.

Cost Per Hour

About 80% of the total landscaping cost is made up of labor. If there is a crew of two landscapers, the average charge is between $50 to $100 per hour. If a larger crew is needed, then you can expect to pay an extra $25 to $50 per hour for each extra crew member.

If landscape designers are part of the crew, then you can expect to pay a higher fee, since landscape designers are more advanced than your average landscaper and handle more complex landscaping projects, such as building or installing something brand new. Most landscape designers will charge $200 per hour or more in order to plan out your project and implement that design.

You should consider getting quotes from at least three different landscaping companies to see what the price range is, then do some research to find out who has the most experience with what you are looking to do and who has the best testimonials for their work. Doing this will enable you to pick the best landscaping company to do your project in the budget you have to work with.

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