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How to Choose the Right Paver Patterns for Your Landscape

Right Paver Patterns for Your Landscape

At Green Republic Landscapes, we know that figuring out a paver pattern might sound like something that would only take a few moments. However, there are a variety of factors that can influence your pick. We want to break down the different things you should consider when evaluating the different kinds of paver patterns.

Finding Your Ideal Pattern

Paver patterns can vary for many reasons, but let’s first talk about how your personal preference is the most important thing to consider. Try to identify a pattern that speaks to you, and then we can work with you from there. There are many different patterns and plans to pick from, so find whatever makes you excited when you imagine it being incorporated into your landscape.

Addressing the Different Factors

Some paver patterns, like the Herringbone, are more durable than others. This makes them ideal for driveways or areas that would have a lot of weight passing over them. Others will provide more grip when wet, so if your paved areas might be subjected to a lot of water because they are right next to a pool, that might be something else for you to consider. Figure out these specifics with us at Green Republic Landscapes so that we can find the ideal paver pattern that will match your aesthetics and logistical needs.

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