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How to Design Landscaping Around Your Pool

Landscaping Design Around Your Pool

When you get a pool in your backyard, it can feel like a genuinely revolutionary occurrence. Nearly everybody dreams of having their own pool at home, and for good reason. It can make the heat of summer more bearable and make your home the go-to hang out spot for friends and family. However, how do you go about designing landscaping around your pool?

Landscaping Around Pool: What Are the Rules?

There are some common sense rules regarding how to landscape around a pool. While you may already have a vision of what you’d like to see in your yard, there are good reasons why these rules exist. A big one is to put stone around the edge of your pool that doesn’t become slick when wet. You want to provide yourself and your guests with a secure grip to prevent slipping and falling.

Another general rule for landscaping around pool setups is to research plants before putting them around your pool. While certain grasses and jungle plants might look gorgeous, they also might attract swarms of bugs, making your swimming environment less than ideal. While a buzzing sound in your ear might be authentic for certain parts of the world, that doesn’t mean you must introduce that reality to your friends and family.

Landscaping Designs in Los Angeles, CA

At Green Republic Landscapes, we will work with you to develop a comprehensive plan about what kinds of designs will work best for your pool and surrounding area.

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