Green Republic Landscapes Inc.

Green Republic Landscapes Inc.

Green Republic Landscapes Inc.

A Green Republic Landscape representative will develop a sound working relationship between the client and our consultants, which is the key to success that contributes significantly to the overall success of our projects. Time spent in preliminary discussion with our landscape consultants is time well spent. The client should talk us through the project requirements and discuss whether they have a specific budget as well as time constraints. We recommend that clients have a clear understanding of the total cost of consultancy services, including what expenses and disbursements are likely to occur. As the project progresses, clients may wish to be actively involved, with our consultants retained to explain and advise.

Our landscape consultant’s fees are commonly calculated on a time-charge, lump sum or percentage basis. Expenses are generally charged separately in addition to fees.

1.) Initial meeting: There is no fee for the first visit, and at this time we’ll talk about your existing landscaping and what you would like to change or update, and we will give you some first impressions of our vision for your new yard.

2.) Level of design service is decided upon: Consultation only at hourly rate, Concept Plan only, or Complete Landscape Plan

3.) Site plan is developed showing existing conditions and designer’s questions.

4.) Concept plan is produced: Full-color, scaled plans provide new ideas for your hardscaping, plants and living spaces

5.) Final plan development: Approved concepts lead to fully-designed plans for your new landscaping
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