Green Republic Landscapes Inc.

Green Republic Landscapes Inc.

Green Republic Landscapes Inc.


At Green Republic Landscapes, we implement our best ideas, aesthetic sensibility, and deep construction knowledge to work with you in a budget-conscious design procedure to keep cost, value, and project scale in the right scope and adapt our design approach and construction methodology to suit your preferences. We integrate irrigation into the design in order to keep water demand low, and to minimize maintenance requirements. In this way, we create gardens that are unique and beautiful, fun to spend time in, refreshing for the spirit, and easy to take care of.

We will bring nature and culture together. Having established your needs, you must look at these in the light of certain constraints. One would be financial, both in construction and long term maintenance. Another constraint relates to physical nature of the site, which includes soil type, drainage, climate, and existing features. In our designs, we incorporate the plant material into the living space of the garden while an artistic balance between hardscape and landscape is maintained.

Green Republic Landscapes will provide you with:
  • Master plan
  • Conceptual design
  • Schematic design
  • Budget estimate development
  • Materials research and selection
  • Design development documentation
  • Construction documentation
  • Plant selection
  • Field/construction observation
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