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What Are the 7 Principles of Landscape Design?

Landscape Design

Good landscape design relies upon seven principles that give that design aesthetics and cohesion. Learn these seven principles below.


This principle involves combining all of the textures, colors, objects, and space of the surroundings into an equal distribution that leads to visual attractiveness.


This principle involves the placement of opposing elements together to create visual interest. This can be opposition in color (such as black and white), texture (smooth and rough), shape (circle and square), or any other visual element.


This principle involves the main point of the landscape where the viewers’ eyes and attention will be drawn to. This can be any or a combination of intricate shapes, technological features, statues, bright colors, and more.


This principle involves the size relationship that the individual parts of the design have to each other and to the main landscape design as a whole. Horizontal, vertical, and spatial relationships must be considered in order to come up with a proper proportion that fits the overall design of the landscape.


This principle involves the strategic placement and repetition of the elements that contribute to the landscape’s fundamental structure. Proper rhythm of a landscape can make it seem as if the landscape is moving, which can have a calming effect on people who gaze upon it.


This principle involves refining and minimizing a design to where it is not cluttered. Complex and intricate features can and should be used (such as in water features, architecture, and lighting), but there should not be too many textures, shapes, curves, and colors used to where the overall design is cluttered.


This principle involves the overall design’s various elements coming together to create a completeness or wholeness. In essence, the bushes, trees, grass, and other elements of the landscape should complement each other so that the landscape has an overall, recognizable theme.

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